This is a simple and straight forward website which makes the task of getting your image onto a mug as easily as possible and get a quality image onto mug with a minimum of fuss.

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We want to make this website as easy as possible to use even for those who do not have the skills or equipment to download photos and transmit them online.

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Durham 10oz

Our most popular mug

Durham 10oz Colour Change

Hot water reveals your chosen picture

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For the coffee lover in your life

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For the big coffee lover in your life

What it’s all about?

Mugs on Mugs is a division of Stationery Express UK Ltd. A Printing, Graphics and Stationery Company of over a 150 years of trading, located in Cranbrook in Kent.

We have a dedicated team of experienced graphic artists and print operatives who can do the maximum justice to your pictures or designs. We use the new Dye Sublimation Printing Process which infuses the ink into the surface of the mug at a very high temperature, ensuring the image is completely dishwasher proof.

So we have included an ordering form that you can print out and send in the post to us with your original photo and we will do the rest with no hassle. But we are always on the end of the phone just give us a call on 01580 713169 and we will even send you an order form if your printer is broken.

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Offline order form

If you prefer the ‘non technical approach’.
Print out and fill in the attached form and send it to us with the image you would like on the mug.

Or phone us and we will send you a form in the post.